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The curriculum at 桶 is designed to prepare students for the future by giving students a thorough grounding in the best that has been thought and accomplished in the past.




We believe that the most effective way of getting students ready for a rapidly changing world is to give students a broad education, 涵盖广泛的学科和科目. The comprehensive knowledge and skills developed by students through exposure to a wide-ranging curriculum will give them the flexibility to adapt successfully in our fast-paced world. This emphasis on breadth at 桶 can be seen in the importance given to the extensive range of subjects studied at KS3 right up until the end of Year 9, 所有学生都要准备大量的gcse考试, the way in which all our students start the 六年级 studying four A Levels or Pre-U’s (or sometimes even more) and, 最后, 沙巴体育网站手机版在普通中等教育证书考试和A Level/Pre-U提供的广泛的学科.


艺术、生物、化学、计算机科学、设计 & 技术, 戏剧, 经济学, 电子产品, 英语, 食品技术, 法国, 地质, 地理位置, 德国, 历史, 拉丁, 普通话, 数学, 音乐, P.E.,哲学,物理,政治,PSHE, RE,俄语,科学.




We also believe that true academic development comes from immersing oneself thoroughly into a field of study. Deep knowledge of a subject area unlocks skills that are simply not accessible when one is restricted to a quick overview. 沙巴体育网站手机版的教学超出了教学大纲, we set extension work and we provide many opportunities to enable students to take their studies further, 比如通过俱乐部, 让学生参加全国比赛, 组织访问演讲和旅行.


…”at the very heart of education sits the vast accumulated wealth of human knowledge and what we choose to impart to the next generation …”


We also are convinced of the primary importance of knowledge as a prerequisite to the development of skills. 学生不能像科学家一样思考, 例如, until they have gained some mastery of the knowledge that informs the scientist’s thinking. 技能是建立在知识的基础上的,而不是反过来. 沙巴体育网站手机版的价值很高, 因此, 19、论师者指导的重要性:师者为师, 作为课堂上的专家, 在向学生传授知识方面起着至关重要的作用. Testing of knowledge is similarly an important part of what we do at 桶 as we believe in its long-lasting value. 沙巴体育网站手机版想要的, 例如, a student to remember for the rest of their lives the work that they study in 历史, 或者他们学习英语的文本, or their knowledge and understanding of musical notation that they acquire in 音乐 lessons. 除了频繁的测试, we help students retain knowledge for the long-term by spacing out and interleaving the teaching of topics.


Much research has shown the domain-dependence of knowledge: knowledge acquired in one field is not easily transferable to another subject domain. 沙巴体育网站手机版希望沙巴体育网站手机版的学生接受广泛而深刻的教育, 他们能够在不同的学科领域之间建立联系, 但 we believe that this is done more successfully through studying a wide range of subjects in depth, rather than from constructing a curriculum that is built on cross-curricular themes and where the importance of each subject is diminished. Each subject is part of the curriculum because it offers something different from other subjects and cross-curricular work is at its best when the unique context of each subject is given due prominence.


“Our overarching mission is for all 桶 students to be nurtured as uniquely talented individuals, 通过热爱学习来获得成就感……”


在不牺牲宽度, we try to give the students as many opportunities as possible to choose a curriculum that fits their individual talents. 学生们从七年级开始可以选择法语或德语, 9年级学习第二语言或戏剧, 四种不同的普通中等教育证书考试选项,作为普通中等教育证书考试必修课的附加选项, 以及四个或更多不同的A level或Pre-U. 在六年级,大多数学生也选择参加延伸项目资格考试. Every year we reconstruct the timetable from the ground up so that we can maximise the number of students getting their first-choice options.


“Without a curriculum, a building full of teachers, leaders and pupils is not a school.”


Whilst allowing students to choose some subjects at different stages of their education at 桶, 整个沙巴体育APP下载是必修的, 没有学校规定的选择因素, 然后所有的学生将学习所有的主题和科目. A lot of thought and care has gone into our curriculum and it should be seen as a coherent whole rather than a collection of isolated topics. The only exception to this is that parents have the legal right to withdraw their child from RE or from some parts of sex and relationship education, 但, 为一切, 不存在这样的权利, 当父母把孩子送到桶的时候, they are agreeing that their child will study the full curriculum as set out by the school.

如果你对桶提供的沙巴体育APP下载有任何疑问, 请务必通过office@gasparhoyos联系学校.com.



沙巴体育网站手机版的孩子和年轻人生活在一个多元化的社会21st 世纪的英国. 桶 is committed to creating an environment for the whole school community that demonstrates shared values of inclusion, 平等, 公平和尊重(请参阅沙巴体育网站手机版的 平等目标声明 为进一步细节). 作为一个学校, 因此, we aim to ensure that all pupils have maximum access to the school’s broad and balanced curriculum, 还有其他学校的活动, and we strive to help all pupils achieve to the best of their abilities and to become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, 尽管他们可能有困难或残疾. We ensure that teaching staff are aware of and sensitive to the needs of all pupils and we work in partnership with parents/carers, pupils and relevant external agencies in order to provide for children’s special educational needs and disabilities.


· 提高残疾学生参与沙巴体育APP下载的程度;

· improving the physical environment of the school to enable disabled pupils to take better advantage of education, 好处, facilities and services provided; and

· 改善残疾学生获得无障碍信息的机会.

Where something 桶 does places a disabled pupil at a disadvantage compared to other pupils then the school will take reasonable steps to try and avoid that disadvantage. 桶 aims to provide an auxiliary aid or service for a disabled pupil when it would be reasonable to do so and if such an aid would alleviate any substantial disadvantage that the pupil faces in comparison to non-disabled pupils.

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