King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford


Physics is a popular subject at KEGS, and is obviously chosen by those thinking of taking physics at university, and by aspiring engineers.  But it is also very useful to those planning to become doctors or follow other medical professions.  And physics has a lot of value as well to students thinking of financial or mathematical careers, involving as it does the analysis of experimental data and thinking about the reliability of the data, and the level of confidence you can have about your results. Physics is very much an experimental science, and at KEGS we pride ourselves in having a strong tradition of practical work and well-stocked laboratories.   Every Physics student carries out a one-week open-ended investigation in Y13, as well as numerous smaller practicals. As well as the normal curriculum content, each year we have trips to CERN, a Cambridge University Physics event and, when we get the opportunity, we visit the JET experimental fusion reactor in Oxfordshire.

Find out more from Dr Kelf, and Year 13 students Jonathan and Holly in the short film below.