King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford


Studying a foreign language is opening a door to the world. The French A Level course allows you to learn how to communicate at a higher level in another language and helps you understand another culture.  In class, we have a chance to share views on several controversial topics such as immigration and politics. These debates give you a chance to listen to others and share your views on relevant topics which we are facing nowadays.  The study of the book, “Un sac de Billes” and the film “Les choristes” brings further opportunities to reflect and discuss topics such as education and the second world war. In school, you have the opportunity to practise your spoken French through one to one or small group sessions with our French assistant in addition to your lesson time. We also offer an exchange with our partner school in Lyon, which gives the students the opportunity to perfect their language skills and experience life in a French family. And last year a group of our French A Level students, pictured above, helped to run a 'French Day' in a local primary school.

Find out more from Year 13 French students Georgina and Joanna in the short film below.