King Edward VI Grammar School Chelmsford

Computer Science

If you've enjoyed Computer Science at GCSE, or missed out but have enjoyed learning to programme independently, then Computer Science could be the subject for you. While the theory aspects of the course continue to develop your understanding of the inner working of a computer, how data is exchanged between devices, and delve deeper into the legal, ethical, and moral issues related to computing. Meanwhile the programming side opens up a world of possibilities; we use Python to develop understanding of core algorithms, teach you to program in Java to illustrate Object Oriented programming, and give you the freedom to pick a programming project which allows you learn a new language, or consolidate and fine tune your programming in either Python or Java. Computer Science is a versatile subject and students may go on to study anything from software engineering to game design to network security, or to use the skills they develop in the A-level to help give them the edge in other subjects, for example when analysing data, or carrying out research.

Find out more from Mr Sims, Mr Johnson and Year 13 student, Tiffany, in our short film below.